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If you have pictures that you would like to share with the other members, you can upload them to the Photo Album at the Club message board. Click on Photos after you've logged in. There is a Members Windsurfing pictures area where you should be able to upload pictures.
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Photos taken of/by Members (on the Message Board - upload your's here)

We have a great time every year at the Bird Bash with CCWA and the other regional clubs.

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OLD club photos - until we restore the gallery lost by our previous hosting (dis)service

AWC Gallery home (doesn't include some of the offsite galleries listed below)

May 2004 AWC Learn to Windsurf Day. by Carey Kriger
More photos by Carrol & Jon

August 2002 AWC Summer BBQ

May 2002 Learn to Windsurf Day at Windy Point (Highlights). by Carey Kriger

May 2002 Learn to Windsurf Day at Windy Point. by Carey Kriger

April 2002 Club Trip to Bird Island (Corpus). by Carey Kriger

January 2002 Windy Point CLeanup. by Carey Kriger

[broke]September 2001 Swap Meet. by Carey Kriger

Xmas in July 2001 Party at Yetters

Feb 2001 Windy Point Cleanup

[broke]December 2000 Xmas Party

AWC 2000 Learn to Windsurf Clinic at Windy Point

April 2000 Women's Windsurf Clinic at Bird Island


If you have an image that you would like to see here, email it to me and I'll add it when I get a chance.