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As of 11 Dec 2008

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Nov 8-9, 2008. Lake Travis Invitational Results

Saturday we almost got through one race (most of the B-Fleet completed, the A-Fleet got towed back). We finished the afternoon up with a 4-team (7-8 members) Standup Paddle Board relay race. Sunday provided with us with great winds that allowed for 7 races.
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	1. David Grogono
	2. Guy Miller
	3. Peiter Botha
	1. André Albot
	2. Michael Tita
	3. Jon Penner

Summer 2008. The Annual Learn to Windsurf Series has come and gone

This summer we had 5 clinics including a 2 day clinic featuring Roger Jackson and Ellen Faller. Over 100 students throughout the summer took advantage of this great program. During the 2 day clinic, all (100%) of the proceeds benefited the Hereditary Spastic Parapaliga Foundation going to research. The other clinics helped raise funds to upgrade our fleet with a few Bic Starboards and rigs.

May 2005. The Annual Learn to Windsurf Clinic has come and gone

It was May 22nd. Thank you to all of the volunteers, Roger & Ellen from Starboard/Sailworks..., Cliff Tudor & family (from HOUSTON), Charles Ivey and the Junior National team members from Abilene and everyone else who made this event the success it was (despite the wind conditions). Also, thanks to the students that came out and did such a great job. We hope they will continue with the sport and show up on upcoming Thursday nights to perfect their skills.
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November 2004

November 21, 2004. Welcome to the new AWC Website!
As a result of the last club meeting, we decided to get a dedicated website that did NOT contain advertising and that we had total control of. We will be able to handle the Learn to Windsurfing registration without relying on an outside host. We will also be adding new features as time allows.

April 2003 Meeting at Zilker Park

April 8, 2003. We had a good turnout for Aris's presentation at the April meeting. The wind died down enough to bring the Windy Point sailors back into town. Jon cooked burgers (some veggie) for everyone. Aris brought us up-to-date on the Texas State Windsurfing Festival/Championships coming up soon. He also brought in some of the new Starboard boards and a Gastra and Ezzy sail. For more info on the event: North Texas Wind Riders

March 2003 Meeting at Gattis

March 11, 2003. Justin Keifer from O'Neill Houston and Julie Huckman from Sail & Ski had a good presentation on the latest O'Neill wetsuit technology. They brought several different suits to show. Some of the new ones don't even have any stitching. All of them are much more flexible than most of the old suits we have in the closet. They offered a nice discount for orders received from members placed through Julie. Shelly brought in birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate another year for Jon.

AWC Learn to Windsurf Clinic at Windy Point

June 16, 2001. The annual Learn to Windsurf Clinic was successful in bringing 60 more people into the sport. We had a great turnout. People wishing to get some practice in should subscribe to the race/sailing mailing list, see below, for details on when Mike will be bringing the trainer boards out (usually on Thursday evenings). Pictures and more info here.

Austin Windsurf Club's Guy Miller participated in 2000 Trans-Atlantic Windsurf Race.

Details at American Windsurfer site
Local info

The annual Windy Point Cleanup was a success.

Feb 17, 2001. Thanks to everyone that came out to help. The weather was great. Notice the cleared underbrush between the parking and the boat ramp/rigging area the next time you are out at Windy Point. Thanks to Mike for waiting in line at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts so we could have lunch! The KK's are WAY overrated.

AWC Fun Sail at Canyon Lake - Jacob's Creek Park

September 9, 2000. Well, this year the wind evaded us. Even without the wind, there was a good turn-out, good food and lots of good stories. Thanks to Mike and Lisa for lining up the Fajitas they turned out great. Thanks to Shelly for bringing the chips and dips. Thanks to ?? for bringing the brownies. They didn't last long!
About 6 people rigged up and putted around the cove a bit. We picked up a new member & friends. A couple folks showed up with equipment that they had just aquired (free of cost) from an individual in the Temple area that advertised "pick it up and it's your's" on the club's Message Board.

AWC Fun Sail at Temples Lake Park on Lake Belton

September 11, 1999. Finally, wind at an AWC function! See story and Pictures.

Proposed Park fee Hike/Elimination of annual permit

August 31, 1999. After several months of Commissioners Court Meetings and Public Hearings, the County Commissioners voted to keep the entrance fees the same and keep the annual permit (at it's current $50 cost). We would be paying $7/entrance and not have an annual pass anymore had it not been for several AWC members writing to their commissioners, attending Commissioner's Court meetings and Public Hearings on this issue. Many members spoke at the Court meetings as well as the Public Hearings. More history and comments on this issue.

Learn to Windsurf Clinic - Swapmeet

May 30, 1998. How about it! See some more pictures from Carrol: Pictures

South Padre Blowout

May 3, 1998. Lots of wind at the blowout this year. AWC members Carrol, Marlene, Michel and others attended. Michel won most all of his events. If anyone has any pictures, email them to me so I can include them here. Michel rigging.

AWC swap meet

Mar 14, 1998. Even with the sub-standard weather, there was a good turnout for the swap meet. Brian sold his board even before he had it unloaded from his car! Those who attended and signed up for new memberships or were already members enjoyed the raffle/door prizes donated by dealers and manufacturers near and far: Mariner (Dallas), Windsurfing Sports, Wind and Wave, Worldwinds, North Sports, Mistral and Naish, Sailworks. Please support our sponsors!

AWC does brush cleanup at Windy Point

Nov 15, 1997. AWC members assisted a Travis County Parks crew in clearing underbrush and dead trees (caused by the Spring 97 floods) from the parking lot area by the boat ramp. You will now have a much easier time getting to the water from the gravel lot. Security will also be better.

Members braved the cold (35 degree) and rain.

Another date will be set to do some additional clearing.

Some pictures (from video) of the event:

Foggy conditions at the point

Betsy at work

Part of the crew

High Res of above

More of the crew

Higher Res of above

AWC Adopts Windy Point

AWC adopted Bob Wentz Park (aka Windy Point) on Saturday, May 10th, 1997.

The Ceremony included unveiling of AWC's logo proclaiming the club affiliation with the park. This adoptation means that AWC will have a large amount of input in improvements in the park, which will allow us to tailor the park to the needs of windsurfers. Since the '97 floods damaged the original sign, a new one has been planted. Thank you, Travis County.

See it.

Bob Wentz Park is located on Comanche Trail, 3 miles off of RR 620.

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